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The 2nd Chance clan is an inactive german player community for the Firearms Mod. "Firearms" is one of the oldest modifications for the computer game "Half-Life" created by Valve Corporation in 1998. In the time it was developed, this mod presented a lot of innovations, like lots of detailed weapon models, new gameplay modes and a realistic battlefield feeling.

This clan was resurrected in 2004 from the clan Fire.Arms.Infantry to create a new base of players and servers, that's the origin of the clan's name - a second chance. Our game server is offline since 2009, we had a lot of fun with it!

The new Firearms Mod

The old Firearms community and official website are dead, but there's a new Firearms version - based on Valve's Source engine - in development. You can find all information about Firearms:Source on the official website http://www.firearms-source.com/ (No responsibility for external link).

Download Firearms

You can download the latest version of Firearms inclusive additional maps and instructions for the installation from our website:

Firearms Logo
Download Firearms

Version: Release Candidate 3.0 Final
Development: Firearms Team
Date: 2005-03-29
Filesize: 250MB

Ingame Screenshots

Here are some screenshots and weapons from the game. The end-game-statistics show the last known matches between players from germany and the rest of europe in 2005 and 2006.

Screenshot 2 Screenshot 5 Screenshot 6

Alone on the server?

If you have trouble finding other people to join you for a match, you can at least add some bots to your local game. The MarineBots will fill the server and you can adjust them in their skills. They will not work on every map, but are normally clever enough to capture flags and detonate targets. You can control them over the game's command menu (see left screenshot).

MarinebotExample 1 MarinebotExample 2

The official MarineBot Website is down, so you can download the installer from our website:

MarineBot Logo
Download MarineBot

Version: 0.91 Beta (for Firearms RC 3.0 Final)
Development: MarineBot Team
Date: ?
Filesize: 800KB

[2nd] Luba, 2016-01-24, admin@2nd-clan.de